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Chocolate & Walnut Multigrain Munchies


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The sinful richness of dark chocolate combined with the satisfying crunch of walnuts and the goodness of 5 grain flour – What could be more perfect ? The 5-grain flour used in Chocolate & Walnut Multigrain Munchies is India’s traditional and most widely used multi-grain flour made of ragi, jowar, bajra, besan, nachni & whole wheat flour, bringing the wholesome goodness of iron, protein, Vitamin B & essential fibres in one power-packed mix.

Our Chocolate & Walnut Multigrain Munchies are also exceptionally healthy as they are made out of millet, barley, amaranth, and whole wheat. Get these healthy munchies that go well with a hot cuppa’ coffee, or just do what we do and dunk them in a tall glass of cold milk.

100% Vegetarian.