We, at Jugmug Thela, weave our journey and stories into culinary & lifestyle experiences through everything we offer. Through our products, events & through our Cafes – we seek a connection with you beyond commerce. We want the sharing of experiences to be steeped in the richness of our collective culture. We are a place that lets people sink into a book, or into an unhurried banter with their friends as if they were in their college canteen. It is at the junction of these things where every Jugmug experience is rooted. Jugmug experiences are an ongoing homage to places of coming together over a beverage or a meal.

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Chai adda’s in Bengal, coffee houses in Kerala, street side shops in Vietnam or side walk parlours in Paris. Social Clubs in Havana or choupals in Haryana. These places are, at their core, undemanding, relaxed meeting grounds for people to come together and be themselves. And facilitating this is at the heart of the Jugmug Experience.

To share the warmth of Jugmug experiences with people across the world, we want to partner with passionate people from across the globe to take the Jugmug experience far & wide. We are looking for franchise partners who share our enthusiasm and penchant for crafting exquisite experiences over quality food & beverage. Fill out the form below to show us your commitment to run your own Jugmug Franchise and we’ll get back in touch with you. To know more about the experiences curated and the memories crafted at the Jugmug Thela, click on the button below and Jugmug your day away!