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Amaranth & Almond Wholewheat Munchies


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Delicately light and crunchy, Amaranth & Almond munchies have the sublime flavours of Almond milk & Honey.

Wonder food of the future (and past), Amaranth is loaded with vital nutrients and proteins. A 100-gm serving of Amaranth seeds is a rich source of dietary fiber, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, folate, and several dietary minerals along with protein. Almonds are known for their cholesterol reducing properties. Made in a base of whole wheat, these Wholewheat Munchies are packed with health & nutrition. Jugmug Thela’s Amaranth & Almond Wholewheat Munchies is a whole new experience in relishing the goodness of Almond Milk & Honey in a power-packed avatar with Amaranth seeds. Looking for Healthy Munchies as an everyday snack ? Go ahead and pick it up.