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Jugmug, at heart, is a feeling of love & ease, a sense of warmth and coziness.

We weave our journey and stories into culinary & lifestyle experiences through everything we offer. We want the sharing of these experiences to be steeped in the richness of our collective culture, and for that, we want to welcome you on board.

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We have been curating unique stories of comfort, love, and joy. We want passionate people from across the globe to take the Jugmug experience far & wide. As an equal opportunity employer, we preferentially hire staff from challenging backgrounds and up-skill them on the job.

Be a part of the Jugmug family (more like Chai at Home) to delight people with comfort, love, and joy through exceptional food and beverages.

People and Culture

We feel it is our responsibility to offer an authentic experience to our customers while at the same time not exploiting our environment and our society. We source all the authentic spices and herbs from different parts of the world to offer you the same culinary experience that you cherish. We also source all the Indian ingredients directly from farmer groups and small businesses across the country, reducing the dependency on middlemen and to guarantee fair price.

We are committed to environmental sustainability, and mindful of it throughout our operations. Our cafe is largely built from waste & discarded material – including wood, brick, glass and metal. Our packaging & disposables are biodegradable – and where it isn’t – we promise we are working on changing that.


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