• Three-Flower-Tea-Rose--Hibiscus--Pomegranate-Tisane
  • Three-Flower-Tea-Rose--Hibiscus--Pomegranate-Flowers-Tisane
  • Three-Flower-Tea-Rose--Hibiscus--Pomegranate-Tisane-Buy-Online
  • Three-Flower-Tea-Rose--Hibiscus--Pomegranate-Tisane-Online

The Three Flower Tea ~ Rose, Hibiscus & Pomegranate Tisane


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Our Three Flower Tea is an exquisite herbal infusion with the sweet aroma and the light, fruity taste of Rose combined with the tart flavour of Hibiscus and rare Pomegranate flowers.

Luscious pink in colour, this Three Flower Tea – rich in antioxidants tisane, is known to benefit the cardiovascular system, lower blood pressure levels, strengthen immune system, help with diabetes and insulin resistance. It is also believed to relieve symptoms of mensuration in women.

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