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  • Natural-Laxative-Tea--Herbal-Tisane-buy-Online-Jugmug-Thela
  • Natural-Laxative-Tea--Herbal-Tisane-Jugmug-Thela

The Happy Stomach Tea ~ Herbal Laxative Tisane

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The Happy Stomach Tea is a mild-flavoured tisane with a strong impact on your bowels. The Senna leaves in this fine tea are a natural laxative that helps clear the stomach. Carom, Fennel, Holy Basil (Tulsi) and Star Anise – the other elements in this laxative herbal infusion relax and calm the digestive system.

In addition to the strong natural laxative properties, this tisane is also known to help relieve anxiety & stress; protect against stomach acidity & ulcers; and help in kidney disorders.

Please Note The Happy Stomach Tea is highly effective, and we suggest you use it when you have a couple of hours at hand.