A Hand-picked selection of Gourmet Seasonings & Culinary Herbs. Just for You.

That authentic Spicy Italian (Seasoning) you have been searching for is right here, a click away. Give your pizzas & pastas the true flavour it deserves. While our Himalayan Rosemary is shade dried in whole form which helps retain maximum aroma and flavor, our Peri Peri Seasoning is sure to fire up & enliven your marinades. Your seasonings shelf will be delighted to have our Tastemaker Set , while you can trust our Oregano & Red Chilli Flakes to keep up the excitement in the kitchen.

Fresh. Healthy. Flavourful.

All our culinary herbs & spices are packed to order, so we send you only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Our sourcing is ethical and from some of the best farms and producers around the country.