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Cocoa Twins ~ Set of 2 (Natural & Dark Cocoa Powder)


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Explore the deliciousness of Cocoa powder in both its avatars. You can try them separately or mix them both to get a finer balance on acidity and depth exactly how you want it. 

The Cocoa Twins set includes two separate packets including:

1pc – 250 gm – Natural Cocoa Powder &
1pc – 250 gm – Dark Cocoa Powder (Dutch-Processed)

Natural Cocoa Powder: Natural Cocoa powder is essential when baking with Baking Soda & Baking powder as the acidic nature of Natural Cocoa reacts with the basic characteristics of Baking Soda, enabling the ‘rising’ of the dough/batter, making the products airy and light. Natural Cocoa powder has an acidic edge to its flavour and is mildly bitter compared to Dutch processed cocoa.

Dark Cocoa Powder (Dutch Processed): Dutch Processed Dark Cocoa offers a depth of flavour and smoothness that’s preferred by chocolate lovers all over the world. Unlike natural Cocoa, Dutch-processed Cocoa is alkalised to balance the pH level and extract the most flavour from the Cocoa solids.