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Detox Tea ~ Your Daily Cup of Health

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Give your body the TLC it deserves with a daily cup of our Detox Tea. Our special blend of anti-oxidant rich Organic Green Tea with Tulsi, Mint & Lemongrass makes for a refreshing, palate-cleansing brew.

Green Tea and Tulsi form a clean herbaceous base which is balanced out with the freshness of Mint and citrusy Lemongrass. An agreeable full-bodied smooth finish cup you can enjoy occasionally or easily make a daily detox routine with. This is one of our very popular brews from the Jugmug Thela Fine Teas pantry.

Low in tannins, the ingredients of Detox Tea are rich in anti-oxidants, boost metabolism, reduce bloating, relieves fatigue and promotes weight loss. It also acts as a blood cleanser and regulates digestion.