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Dark Cocoa Powder (Dutch Processed) – Low in Acidity, High in Flavour!

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Dutch-processed Dark Cocoa offers a depth of flavour and smoothness that’s preferred by chocolate lovers all over the world. Unlike natural Cocoa, Dutch-processed Cocoa is alkalised to balance the pH level and extract the most flavour from the Cocoa solids. 

Used in Baking, Desserts, Ice creams and Beverages alike, our Dutch-processed Dark Cocoa Powder will make a killer brownie, dark chocolate ice-cream – or you can even make your own Hot Chocolate with it.

Get creative and explore the many exciting dishes that can be made with it.

  • Delicious, perfectly balanced flavour.
  • For Baking, Beverages and anything you can think of!

Net Weight: 250 gm

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