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Baker’s Twins ~ Set of 2 (Vital Wheat Gluten + Instant Dry Yeast)


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The two most essential items in the professional baker’s kitchen – Vital Wheat Gluten (80%+ Protein) and Instant Dry Yeast. Whether you are making a classic bread, focaccia or pizzas – these two are indispensable for that great texture we all love in our bakes. Now get these two together (with a Saving in tow!) and get creative with your baking ideas!

The Baker’s Twins is 2 pc set which includes:

1pc – 250 gm – Vital Wheat Gluten
1pc – 200 gm – Instant Dry yeast (20 gm x 10 sachets)

Vital Wheat Gluten: Take your home bread baking to the next level with Vital Wheat Gluten. Used in professional kitchens & patiserries, it can easily be incorporated into home baking to give that light-textured breads, otherwise hard to achieve with just regular bread flour. It’s especially useful when baking multigrain or whole wheat breads. Vital Wheat Gluten also acts as a binder for meatballs, meatloaf, veggie burgers and tofu alike.

Instant Dry Yeast: Instant Dry Yeast is a baker’s best friend. It’s like a smarter upgrade to the old school Active Dry Yeast. Instant Dry Yeast can be directly added to your dry dough/flour mix without the need to proof/activate it separately. This is because of its small granules. It also stays good for longer – upto six months in the refrigerator and over a year when stored in the freezer.