Increase your Style & Wellness Quotient, all from the Kitchen

Our Good Living collection is a selection of the most loved items from our Gourmet Pantry and Home Accessories section.  Having one is sure to add to either your style or wellness quotient. Japanese style, may we add, from the house of Fujihoro – one of the most reliable manufacturers’ in enamelled cookware since 1947!

If the Fujihoro Whistling Kettle is a study in style awesomeness, the Fujihoro Red Saucepan is enough to pack your milk with oomph, along with its goodness. Our Taste Makers will sure find pride of place in your pantry shelf, while you can take pride in knowing that our Dabba packs also serve our fellow beings in its own way.

Fresh. Healthy. Flavourful.

All our culinary herbs & spices are packed to order, so we send you only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Our sourcing is ethical and from some of the best farms and producers around the country.