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Premium Hot Chocolate Premixes by Jugmug Thela

India’s Finest
Hot Chocolate Premixes

Delicious, cozy & comforting! Our Hot Chocolate Mixes are made with super smooth Dutch processed dark cocoa and organically cultivated Raw Cane Sugar.
Available in 4 unique delicious flavours & 2 sizes. Gourmet hot chocolate at home is now easier than ever!

Made with Real Cocoa

(Not with flavours and colours!)

Jugmug Thela’s Hot Chocolate premixes are made with pure Dutch Processed Dark Cocoa Powder that is harvested in the volcanic islands of Oceanica. Famous for their deep chocolatey flavour, this cocoa has smoother, more luscious mouth feel.

Design your own Hot Chocolate flavours!

Start with the best most important ingredient : beautiful & pure cocoa powder. Cook it in milk and add sugar and whatever flavouring and toppings you fancy.

Pairing Ideas!

Our range of handmade biscuits were created with beverage pairings in mind. Give these flavours a try when enjoying a cozy cup of hot chocolate, or even chai – coffee!

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Jugmug Thela X Fujihoro

Jugmug Thela curates a special selection of Fujihoro’s beautiful porcelain enamelware to pair with our products. Bring home this unique collection that is a reflection of Japanese detailing & craftsmanship.

Fujihoro Japa - Since 1947 - Sold online at Jugmug Thela

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