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Chef’s Pantry by Jugmug Thela

Chef’s Pantry by Jugmug Thela represents the best in professional cooking ingredients used in our own restaurant kitchens – now made available here for the home chef. We want every home chef (and every Mom!) to have access to quality ingredients that make give restaurant dishes that superior taste and texture.

Offers on Product Combos

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Pantry Categories

Baking Essentials

High quality baking ingredients designed to help you create professional quality bakes and dishes and at home!

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Herbs & Spices

Sourced from the best Farms, estates and producers in India ~ High Quality seasoning is the key that turns a good meal into a really special one.

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Seeds & Nuts

Premium quality Seeds & Nuts that help you create exceptional Desserts, Bakes, Salads and so much more! Crunchy and super nutritious!

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Introducing Accessories on Jugmug Thela

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