Jugmug Diwali Boxes

Celebrate this diwali by sharing a Jugmug experience, hampers curated for those who appreciate authentic flavours in a new take on traditional diwali fare.

Accessories : New on Jugmug Thela!

The whistling of a kettle, the familiar warmth of your favourite daily Mug. Jugmug Thela introduces a curated selection of Accessories that are about objects that make our home a happier more joyful place. Explore our range of Cup, mugs, glasses & kettles, bring home a bit of Jugmug in your life.



The Dabba Collection ~ Gourmet DIY Box Sets

India’s Finest Hot Chocolate

Made from deliciously rich Dutch processed dark cocoa & flavourful raw cane sugar, our hot chocolates are perfect heart warmers. Huddle together or cozy up by yourself – these hot chocolates are great company and super easy to make!

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